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For many years Gorilla Seal™ has been used in the Industrial industry such as
• Urethane and nylon wheel lubricant. (keeps from scrubbing)
• Anti-seize and pin lubricant
• Drilling and tapping
• Lubricant for stainless steel(keeps from hardware seizing)
• Chains
• Hot dipping to prevent rust
• Safe for urethane, rubber, o-rings
• Works on tracking, rails or guides
• Rust inhibitor/ Anti-Corrosion 
• Winterizing parts
• Reduced friction for longer life, less heat, less energy, cost of labor, and money saving opportunity
• Water Resistant

Gorilla Seal™ is now being introduced to the Household consumers to help with 

• Bike Chains
• Hinges- Get rid of that squeaky noise
• Outdoor equipment-such as a Snowblower, Mower, and Weed Whackers
• Farm Equipment 
• Pool Filters and Liners
• Stuck Zippers
• Fishing Reels
• Skateboard Bearings 
• Locks around the house
• Nuts and Bolts
• Exercise Equipment
• Safe for Kitchen Use- Great for restaurants. No toxic chemicals around food. (We are not saying you should consume this product, But It would not do any harm to employees or customers)